Sunday, March 4, 2012

All About NORA!

Our sweet Nora has turned 5.  We celebrated with TWO dolphin birthday parties.  On March 1st she invited a few friends to help her celebrate, she was the perfect hostess and surprised me and her grandmas with her sweet introductions, she was in her element.  My little social butterfly...

A few days later her family gathered around to celebrate once again.  She had to share the spotlight (see other March 4th post) today but took it all in stride.

Nora is a girl with a BIG heart.  She covers those around her with love and feels very deeply (especially for a 5 year old).  Nora has a great imagination and can keep herself busy but she also loves to put on shows.  She loves creating, and is quite a talented artist.  She loves to be outside and is pretty fearless--she learned to ride her bike without training wheels last summer.

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