Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ice Skates!!!!

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Nako Butt Sighting (again) and More...

A few nights ago, after Riley was having a hard time falling asleep, Brian walked in to find Riley's nako butt sticking up into the air. When I went in to get her pull-up back on I couldn't find it. She was "snuggling" it with her stuffed animals.

Riley got some ice skates from a garage sale, they have been on a shelf in the garage waiting for winter. The other day she convinced my mom that she should try them on, when we told her she couldn't walk around with them on inside she went into the garage and walked with both hands out to the side with the hugest smile on her face. She is really looking forward to winter now so she can go ice skating. She "practices" daily in the garage and driveway.

Nora is a very curious girl, she has discovered light switches--this can keep her busy for quite a long time. (I'll admit if I'm busy I put a stool up by the light switch and let her flip it off and on as many times as she likes) She is also quite a climber and can get up onto things way taller than you'd think she could, she is quite determined.