Thursday, December 15, 2011

From Nora:

While helping me with Ian,  "Mom I'm so glad you had this baby"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life With Four!

Life seems to be flying by at warp speed, because I can't seem to keep up on paper (the books I have been writing stories and cute sayings in) I thought I would try it out in a more 21st century approach!

Riley:  Is now a first grader, it has not been the smoothest transition.  She has asked me "why did I sign her up for first grade", like it is something I thought she should do.  We have had many a discussion about how as you grow up you just do different things and that going to school is her "job".  She would like to just go to school for 1/2 day and then spend the rest of the day with all of us at home.  She seems to be opening up a bit and I hear more and more stories about what she does at school and who she plays with.  We are grateful for the Hess Express as it has made mornings a lot less stressful.  Tuesdays continue to be hard because I am gone to work before she returns home from school.  Riley is very protective of her siblings and is an awesome big sister and helper for Mommy.  Riley enjoys reading and is quite advanced for her age, she has also taken quite an interest in geography, space, and animals.  Riley is able to find EVERY country on the globe and knows most rivers, oceans, etc.  It is quite impressive!!!

Nora:  Has started preschool 3 mornings a week, for being our social butterfly she continues to get sad at drop off, I haven't yet figured that one out!  Nora has the BEST imagination and can keep herself very busy.  She also loves to "redecorate"  she moves things around and uses non-toys as toys ALL the time.  I get phone calls from Ahmie asking to talk to Nora so she can find something that has gone missing at her house--amazingly she usually remembers where it is.  Nora is a brilliant artist and can spend hours coloring, cutting, and creating masterpieces.  It has been fun to watch Nora and Sam play together and see their relationship develop.  Nora continues to nap occasionally, usually every 2-3 days.  Nora does think she should have play dates daily--this isn't usually the case and she can get quite upset--have I mentioned she is quite dramatic!

Samuel:  Has had to grow up quickly since little Ian arrived.  He loves his little brother and is constantly giving him kisses, he even shares his cars with him (sometimes).  Sam is into everything that moves, he loves cars, trucks, trains, and planes.  He especially loves construction trucks and can name them all, it has been a learning curve for Mama but I think I have most of them down--feel free to quiz me!  Sam continues to nap daily and it is usually pretty easy to convince him because he gets his paci when he's in his crib, it will be a sad day when we have to take that away.  We just moved Sam to a new crib downstairs--the room is still part playroom but he has taken to the switch quite well.  Sam is NOT a morning person (takes after his daddy) he does not like getting up in the morning and would prefer to stay in his jammies all day.

Ian:  Little Ian joined our family on June 1st!  It was a couple of weeks later than mommy thought he would come, apparently I need to learn that I don't get to control everything.  The beginning of June will always be filled with birthdays in our family.  Ian is a happy, smiley baby and his personality is really starting to come out.  He knows and prefers mama!  He had been an awesome sleeper but at 4 months started waking frequently--I think he figured out if he woke up mommy would pick him up and feed him.  Ian is moving everywhere now, I think in an effort to keep up with his brother and sisters.  He scoots himself wherever he wants to go.  I have seen him up on his hands and knees--crawling will be here soon.